• June 1, 2017

student on ipad in the classroomThis resource was created to help teachers integrate Digital Citizenship within their existing lesson goals. The first part of this resource, LEARN, will provide you with an overview of Digital Citizenship. The second part, PLAN, will provide you with useful links and resources, including activities, games and lesson plans, to help you integrate Digital Citizenship into your existing lessons. The last part, DO, will guide you through the planning process to help discover where your students are at and where they need to go next.


Excited to learn the basics of Digital Citizenship? Is being a good Digital Citizen different than being a good citizen? Watch this video to find out!

LEARN: What is digital citizenship


Digital Citizenship can be both a broad and complex topic. Many educators wonder what to teach and when to teach it. Check out this page of resources divided up into some key themes to help teach Digital Citizenship in your class. You have the flexibility to explore any topic or link at your leisure and use whatever feels right for your class as you need to.

PLAN: Planning your lesson


Wondering just how to dive into teaching Digital Citizenship to your students? This planning resource is here to help! Reflect on your class and personalize Digital Citizenship education for your students by using these guided questions to help integrate DC into your existing materials. Discover where your students are and where they need to go next.

DO: Planning, delivering and reflecting