• March 10, 2017
Helping Students Become Safe, Savvy and Social

This video recording of Dr. Ribble’s 2017 SET-BC District Partner Conference breakout session provides resources for helping students understand the issues around technology use in schools from a Digital Citizenship perspective. Dr. Ribble explores the process of developing integration plans for new technologies, and identifies strategies to respond to new situations related to technologies as they emerge in schools and classrooms. The process he outlines helps teachers better share the ideas generated in their classroom setting and builds a better understanding of how to work with students in a classroom setting on various Digital Citizenship topics.

Dr. Ribble is the author of Digital Citizenship in Schools: Nine Elements All Students Should Know (3rd ed) and https://www.amazon.ca/Raising-Digital-Child-Citizenship-Handbook/dp/1564842509 and is currently working as the Director of Technology in his school district in Kansas.