• October 30, 2015

Dr Bruce Beairsto

On October 29th, Dr. Bruce Beairsto through his extremely insightful presentation “Inclusion- How we got here and where we must go next,” captured and transformed the thinking of nearly 80 participants at the event.

His talk challenged the audience to constantly innovate their practice and gain the confidence to unlearn certain skills, that may have been useful in the past, but has clearly become outdated. He believes that we have made tremendous progress towards inclusion, but the journey is far from over and will likely not see the end at any point. The session was filled with excellent suggestions such as to promote inclusion, we need to “(begin) with an inclusive curriculum and an inclusive classroom and then supporting that richly so it gets better and better.” In his talk he describes inclusion as “an ideal to which we aspire. It is challenging, we often fail because we are human. But when that happens, we don’t stop but we recommit to that ideal, and as we do so we progress and we learn.” We hope you enjoy this presentation and most importantly do something with the information.

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