• April 7, 2015

Screen shot showing how to create a forced order grid in Clicker 6This resource is a collection of commonly asked questions about the use of Clicker 6 with corresponding video answers. It will allow users to implement Clicker 6 more effectively with students in the classroom.

The videos in this section address these questions:

  • Can I set up a page-based Clicker set to give students access to word prediction in textboxes?
  • Can I create pop-ups for my page-based Clicker set?
  • Can I set up textboxes in page-based Clicker sets to open word bank pop-ups?
  • How can I create picture pop-ups for my page-based Clicker set and have them open when the picture cell is clicked?
  • How can I set up my Make a Book template to open the same pop-up on each page?
  • I would like the picture in the paint part of this activity to be larger for the student to have more space as he manipulates the base stamps.
Word Prediction in TextboxesCreate Pop-upsSet Up TextboxesCreate Picture Pop-upsMake a Book Template Pop-upMore Space to Manipulate the Base Stamps

The videos in this section address these questions:

  • I unintentionally deleted a cell in the alphabetic word bank, i.e. on the letter “b” grid, there is a cell missing. How do I replace the missing one?
  • Is there a way to drop in a picture for labelling and have pop up with different answers, one with blank cells that the student can fill in the right word?
  • How do I add more blanks to a labeling activity?
  • I want to create a quiz taking template with true/false, fill in the blanks, multiple choice and short answer questions. How would I do this?
  • I need help linking the speech record button and a listening icon. How do I quickly add these to all the pages of the 20-page book?
  • Can I tweak the “Label a Diagram” part of this activity by adding pop-ups instead of using Paint?
  • Can I tweak the “Label a Diagram” part of this activity by adding sticky points so my student can connect the word to a part in Paint?
Replace a Missing CellDrop In a Picture for LabellingAdd More Blanks to Labeling ActivityCreate a Quiz Taking Template with True/FalseLinking Speech Record Button and Listening IconTweak the Label a DiagramTweak the Label a Diagram by Adding Sticky Points

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