Nona Navin

My Contact Information

Phone: 604-841-7838
Fax: 604-261-2256

Date I joined SET-BC

September 10, 2018

About Me

After completing a B.Sc. in Chemistry at McGill University, I worked for several years as a chemist in laboratories across Vancouver. In 2003, I returned to school for Education and upon graduating from UBC, started teaching in the Richmond School District as a Learning Resource Teacher.  I spent a year working in the same role in the Vancouver School District. Seeking to deepen my interest in science education, I pursued a Masters of Education in Science Curriculum at SFU where I had the opportunity to engage deeply with the current research and literature in the STEM fields; I also connected with a range of educators who shared my passion for reinvigorating the way science is woven into learning. The program allowed me to closely examine the new curriculum and how inquiry is situated within the subject of science for K-7 students. This also fueled my broader interest in the importance of communication—how teaching complex concepts needs to be simultaneously simple and engaging.

I have devoted my teaching career to promoting inclusive education and I enjoy working in teams comprised of classroom teachers, specialist teachers, education assistants, and parents.  Being a Resource Teacher has allowed me to collaborate with teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 7, designing appropriate instructional programs for all students, especially ELL and exceptional needs students. Appropriate learning technology plays a key role in the success of students and can help facilitate student engagement and achievement for all learners

My Interests

When I am not devising systems to entice my children to do chores, I enjoy running, baking, perfecting my iPhone photography, and vanquishing goutweed in my garden. For relaxation, I love cooking great meals for friends and family, diving into a good book, and attempting to revive my Ultimate Frisbee career.