Friendship Pie Recipe Ingredients

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Learning Level: Elementary School

Learning Level: Primary School

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1. Read “Enemy Pie” (accessible book available through ARC BC or video at by Derek Munson,

2. Brainstorm with the class: What qualities do you look for in a good friend?, How are you a good friend?

3. Review recipe writing, Ingredients, Instructions,

4. Instruct students to write a recipe for Friendship Pie. Students may do this independently with paper and pencil, or may be scaffolded with use of this app. This one is just for writing the Ingredients part of the recipe, there is another for writing the Instructions component.

This exercise is intended for Grades 2-5.

Core Competencies (facets): Creative thinking – Generating ideas, Communication – Connect and engage with others (to share and develop ideas), Personal and Social – Relationships and cultural contexts, Personal values and choices,Personal strengths and abilities.

Curricular Competencies: Comprehend and connect – Use age-appropriate reading, listening, and viewing behaviours and strategies to make meaning from texts, Engage actively as listeners, viewers, and readers, as appropriate, to develop understanding of self, identity, and community, Use personal experience and knowledge to connect to text and make meaning, Recognize how different text structures reflect different purposes, Create and communicate, Create stories and other age-appropriate texts to deepen awareness of self, family, and community, Communicate in print, using letters and words and basic conventions of English spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Created by Debbie Klassen, SET-BC.

Also provided is a sample of a resulting Clicker Document file that could be created using this Clicker Docs template.  It is entitled "Friendship Pie Recipe Ingredients ."

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