Computer keyboard with blue advice buttonIn today’s fast paced, rapidly advancing world, finding Professional Development or training activities that fit with your needs, your learning style, and your busy schedule can be very challenging. A Google search of “Kurzweil 3000 training” results in over 103,000 returns. It is no longer a case of training and support resources not being available – the challenge is the time it takes to wade through all the options and find the few that will work for you specifically.

This is where the SETconcierge steps in. The SETconcierge takes the idea of a hotel concierge and re-envisions those services to help guide BC educators to those technology integration Pro D and training opportunities that are most suited to them as individual learners.

By giving our SETconcierge answers to some basic questions (e.g. where are you located? how much time do you have? do you prefer face-to-face or online?), you will receive a package of suggested upcoming events, sessions, or web-based resources that meet your individual needs.

If you are interested in using our SETconcierge service, you can get started by completing our SETconcierge Needs Survey or you can email directly to