Thavi & Team

  • 25/06/2024
Student Story
Thavi and Team

Meet Thavi, a bright and inquisitive grade 3 student in the Nanaimo School District who loves video games and space and is a whiz with technology. For a while, Thavi had been using Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) to correspond to his school community, but his team knew there was potential there for him to better participate in classroom activities and work alongside his peers.

In October 2023, Thavi received a laptop with the software, Clicker 8, to develop his literacy skills. He has also continued to strengthen his communication skills by utilizing an iPad with the AAC app, TouchChat. To help guide his day, the app Choiceworks is an essential learning tool for Thavi. He has enjoyed using the Book Creator app to create digital books, present his knowledge to his classmates, and share his interest in space – an interest not discovered previously. And he was able to show his understanding of some math concepts using the virtual manipulatives app, Manipulatives by Braining Camp.

His teacher, Educational Assistant, and resource teacher at the school have fully embraced the use of technology with Thavi to meet his needs. It has helped them to get to know him more and for Thavi to be included better with his peers in the classroom. He enjoys being with the students and trying to share his knowledge to the best of his ability; the technology that Thavi received from SET-BC is helping him along his journey. Thavi has so much potential and will continue to impress everyone along the way. Well done, Thavi!