Sofie Takes SET-BC to School: Sharing Her Tech Tools for Low Vision

Student Story
Sofie, a low vision student, working on her CloverBook and a writing board in the classroom at carpet time.

Sofie is in Grade 2 at James McKinney Elementary in Richmond. She is learning in a Montessori classroom environment with Kirsty Gourlay (Classroom Teacher) and also working alongside Janet Lee (Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments).

Sofie received SET-BC support to determine which tools would be best suited for her learning journey. SET-BC’s Kim Heinrichs (TSVI) and Iren Heer (Educator) have had the pleasure of collaborating with Sofie, Janet, and Kirsty. Prior to receiving SET-BC support, Sofie was using a desktop magnifier to access curricular materials. After successfully trialing equipment, Sofie is now using a CloverBook Pro for near and distance viewing to access visual material in the classroom and school. It is a portable video magnifier that travels with Sofie through the school. It is on her desk for seat work, on the floor for carpet time, in the library for research, and in the gym for assemblies. Sofie is also using an iPad Pro to capture images, enlarge material, access digital files (from ARC-BC, PRCVI, CELA), customize vision accessibility features, and demonstrate her learning with apps like Book Creator and Clicker Writer.

In the following video, Sofie enthusiastically shows SET-BC around her school and shares how she is using her tech tools. Although she usually sits with her class during assemblies, Sofie demonstrates the CloverBook for us in the gym while the band rehearses for their concert before the entire school arrives. Kirsty and Janet also share how the tools have complemented her learning journey.