Quail Makes a Snack: Balanced Literacy Support

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Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

In these integrated gridsets, the student will demonstrate understanding of the story, "Quail Makes a Snack " in the Balanced Literacy Program by: 1) completing sentences in the "I understand" forced choice gridset 2) identifying the words in the story when they are presented verbally in a field of 4, errorless learning task in "My new words" 3) identifying sounds (qu, v, sw, bl and fl) from a field of five in the "Sounds" gridset and 4) practicing writing words ending in "ail", "ight", "ack", "ing", "ack" and "uck" in the "Word families" gridset. This activity supports the BC Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes for elementary English Language Arts (Reading) Grade 1:
– use knowledge of word patterns, word families, and letter-sound relationships to decode unknown words and recognize an increasing number of high-frequency words. Created By Kathy Ryan.

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