Plate Tectonics Sc10 Topic Dictionary Wordlist

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Learning Level: High School

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This resource contains a topic dictionary or wordlist to support writing about plate tectonics in three software formats: Kurzweil, CoWriter, and a text file. Supporting files are also included with instructions on how to create and import a wordlist in Kurzweil, how to save and share a topic dictionary in CoWriter and how to create topic lists in WordQ. If you do not have the Canadian version of Solo you can use this CoWriter topic dictionary. This activity supports the Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes for Science Grade 10 – Earth Forces – Plate tectonics:
– identify evidence that supports the theory of plate tectonics
Geography Grade 10 – Tectonic Processes
-describe the features and processes associated with plate tectonics, including- the Earth’s layers, volcanism, folding and faulting, and earthquakes.
Created by Nedra Post. grade10

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