Executive Functioning Module 3: Mindfulness Strategies

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Learning Level: Elementary School

Learning Level: Middle School

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

These Mindfulness Strategies created by School District 71 – in Boardmaker and PDF formats – are visual tools that can help students be mindful. Evidence tells us that mindfulness strategies help us with emotional control and overall well-being. 

01. 3 Step Calm Down Routines – 1×1, 2×2 and 8×10 – These visuals can help students calm down.

02. Breathing Choices – 1×1, 2×2 and 4×4 – Belly breathing is a tool that promotes activation of the calming response (via the parasympathetic nervous system.) Practice belly breathing with both hands over the navel to be sure the diaphragm is moving with each breath. The belly should expand with each inhalation and collapse with each exhalation. 

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