Europe: High Middle Ages

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Learning Level: Middle School

About this Resource

In this Clickerset, the student will learn and write about Europe from 1066-1300, a period called the high middle ages. Topics include: the feudal system, the Church, the Legal System, a World View in Feudal Times, The Crusades and The Monarchy. The content has been extracted from Socials 8 textbook, Pathways: Civilizations through Time, Chapter 2. It supports the BC Ministry of Education’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Grade 8 Socials: Politics and Law from 500 to 1600: demonstrate understanding of the tension between individual rights and the responsibilities of citizens in a variety of civilizations; assess the impact of contact, conflict, and conquest on civilizations ;describe various ways individuals and groups can influence legal systems and political structures; explain the development and importance of government systems. Created by Kathy Ryan and Kelowna teachers.

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