Coding and Computational Thinking (TouchChat)

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Learning Level: Elementary School

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Learning Level: Primary School

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These page sets help students communicate step-by-step instructions that tell a peer or a robot what to do. There are many challenges that student can complete in order to practice the principles of computational thinking. For example, making Cubetto or any robot move from Point A to Point B, or invent a dance for others to follow. Page sets may need to be customized so that they are geared to their student’s specific goals for comprehension and vocabulary. For a Sample Essential Question and further ideas for implementation see the document entitled "Overview for Implementation" below.

Curriculum Connections
Big Ideas:
-Skills can be developed through play. K – 3
-Complex tasks require the sequencing of skills. 3-9
-Complex tasks require different technologies at different stages. 3-9

Curricular Competencies  I can… 

-Solve problems (debug).
-Listen to instructions.
-Find repetitive patterns.
-Give specific instructions.
-Plan a step-by-step sequence of actions.
-Explain my thinking to others.
-Break down problems into smaller parts.
-Make prototypes to improve my work.
-Collaborate with others to achieve an outcome .

Grades: Cubetto K-3, Dance Moves 1-5, Sphero 3-9

Topics: ADST, coding, TouchChat

Created by: Lorena Duran and Jessi To

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