Chat Editor Essentials

Learning Module

These modules are intended as a guide to Chat Editor essentials for those supporting students using TouchChat or Nova Chat devices. Chat Editor is a Windows PC only program for customizing Chat vocabulary for AAC users. Although customizing vocabulary is possible directly on the device itself, Chat Editor conveniently allows family and/or professionals to do so when the device is not present.

After first explaining where and how to download Chat Editor to your PC, the modules will then walk you through how to use the software to back up students’ vocabulary files, customize pages, edit buttons, make adapted vocabulary strips for adapted books and create other low tech AAC materials for the classroom. The last module ties everything learned in the previous modules together so that, at the end, you will feel prepared to create your own custom pages to give your students improved curricular and social access in a more inclusive classroom. The classroom, school and home can all be made inclusive environments if our AAC users always have access to low tech AAC.

Module 1 – How to Configure Chat Editor

Module 2 – How to Transfer TouchChat Files to Chat Editor Using Dropbox

Module 3 – How to Locate Files in Chat Editor

Module 4 – How to Edit a Button in Chat Editor

Module 5 – How to Duplicate Your Student’s Communication File in Chat Editor

Module 6 – Chat Editor: How to Link a Page to a Button in Edit Mode

Module 7 – How to Import Pages from a Different Vocabulary File into Your Student’s Vocabulary File

Module 8 – How to Hide a Button on a Page in Chat Editor

Module 9 – How to Use Capture Mode in Chat Editor to Help Build Operational Competency for Your Students

Module 10 – How to Transfer a Vocabulary File from Chat Editor to TouchChat or NovaChat

Module 11 – How to Create Custom Pages in Chat Editor to Promote Inclusion in the Classroom