SET-BC provides three tiers of services to Group I and II Independent Schools following the same service delivery model as for BC public school districts.

Independent School Process for Requesting SET-BC Services

Applications must be received by FISA by the application deadline (see FISA website for details).

  • Student-smiling-while-sitting-at-a-laptopIndependent teachers in a Group I or II Independent School may request Tier 2 (classroom-based) or Tier 3 (student-based) services once a year by submitting a screening checklist application to the Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA).
  • For Tier 3 requests (student-based), the occupational therapist, physiotherapist, teacher of the visually impaired, speech language pathologist and/or district resource teacher should be consulted as required prior to submitting the request.
  • The Independent Schools Screening Committee reviews the applications received and selects the school teams that will receive Tier 2 and Tier 3 services for that school year.
  • SET-BC consultants contact the school teams and conduct a Collaborative Action Plan (CAP) to identify the exact services that will be provided to the teams including consultation, training and technology loan.
  • Once the CAP process is complete, SET-BC consultants begin service provision and support the independent school team throughout the school year.

SET-BC District Partners for Independent Schools

BC Independent Schools have two District Partners acting as liaisons between FISA, Group I and II Independent schools and SET-BC. The District Partners are familiar with the services provided by SET-BC and the procedures for requesting those services. Independent school teams can find contact information for their SET-BC District Partners by referring to the SET-BC District Partner Contact List. The SET-BC Provincial Centre can also provide information on SET-BC services and can be contacted at

Information on SET-BC Technology Loans

Independent School Teams receiving SET-BC services are strongly encouraged to read our SET-BC Technology Loan Information document (see below) for detailed information on technology loans (including loans to Distance Learning Schools), network and internet access for loaned equipment, installation of school software on SET-BC computers, and technical support for SET-BC equipment.

Independent school teams that have questions about their SET-BC loaned equipment can also contact at any time.

SET-BC Technology Loan Information