Faye Brownlie speaking to workshop audienceSET-BC consultants facilitate face-to-face workshops and training sessions for teams implementing assistive and general technology throughout the school year. These Pro D or training opportunities are most successfully delivered when developed in collaboration with district and school teams. As we have been providing this type of service for over two decades, we have come to believe the following about Professional Development opportunities for educators:

    • Educators attend face-to-face Professional Development or training events with the earnest desire to improve their teaching practice and their students’ educational experience and outcomes
    • Attendance at single event Professional Development or training opportunities (the classic one day workshop) most often has little or no effect on transforming their teaching practice or realizing their goals for attending the session
      • They may have difficulty translating what was discussed at the session into practice because the content was not connected directly to their work
      • They may leave feeling overwhelmed because they were shown too many resources during the session and were not able to see which resources they could begin using immediately
      • They may have experienced a session that was not grounded in effective UDL pedagogy or adult learning strategies which allowed them to fully engage, reflect, collaborate, and explore new concepts or new resources
      • There was no follow up with the instructor or other participants after the session to allow for further reflection, sharing, and extension of knowledge and skill development

SET-BC consultant demonstrating eye gaze technology to workshop participants

  • The most effective Pro D or training events utilize the best adult instructional pedagogy, the same UDL-based strategies that are effective in classrooms, and offer hands on or active learning activities
  • Session facilitators modeling technology use for their own instruction and workshop activities helps educators visualize how it can be used in their own teaching practice

Many leaders in the field of teacher Professional Development are pointing to the need to address the deficiencies and lack of positive outcomes associated with traditional “one shot” face-to-face workshops. We support the new vision of Professional Development and training – a vision that includes support for the unique learning needs of session participants; accommodation for the limited time available for face-to-face events; and workshop content and activities that engage, excite, and result in positive changes in participants’ teaching practice.

Whether our consultants are facilitating Professional Development (Tier 1) services, specific technology training (Tier 2) services, or district specialist support (Tier 3) services, each event will be planned to include the following elements:

  • Adrienne Gear leading workshop groupCollaboration with the district or school team to ensure the event supports the team’s goals for the event
  • Opportunities for participants to identify their specific and unique goals for participating in the event or session
  • Opportunities during the session or event to connect or network with the other participants in the room as well as others in the global teaching and educational technology community
  • Opportunities for participants to share their own thoughts and ideas on the content or technology being explored
  • Opportunities for participants to make choices on how they will access the content, complete the session activities, or even what will be explored during the session
  • Opportunities for participants to reflect on what they are learning, ask questions, and make plans for what the next steps in their learning journey will be
  • Opportunities for participants to find and solve the real classroom-based problems they encounter in their own practice
  • Opportunities for participants to think deeply and critically about how the content or technologies being explored can or should impact their teaching practice
  • Opportunities for participants to look at innovative ways to implement technology with students in the classroom setting
  • Face-to-face or online follow up activities to support further reflection, peer-to-peer sharing, and additional resource exploration

Two workshop participants using switches and laptopDistrict teams interested in hosting a SET-BC Pro D or training event should contact their SET-BC Service Coordinator to discuss what is possible and begin the collaboration process. BC educators who are interested in attending a facilitated face-to-face event can view what’s available and register through our SETreg online registration system in the Upcoming Events area of our site.