Student viewing mounted AAC deviceWhat is a mounting system?

An equipment mounting system is a part, or collection of parts custom fabricated or specifically manufactured to mount SET-BC loaned equipment.  Mounting of equipment improves student usability by providing optimal positioning of the equipment on a wheelchair or workstation.

SET-BC provides a one-time funding grant of $1000.00 for a single mount for use with SET-BC loaned equipment.  The school district occupational therapist or physiotherapist is responsible for coordinating the mounting request, installation, and maintenance of mounting systems.

SET-BC can only provide funding for the actual mounting system – we are not able to fund wheelchair components such as mouse emulation units as these are features of the actual wheelchair.  Teams supporting students that require this type of wheelchair feature will need to seek support from other sources.

mountingEquipment_02Mounting Request Procedure

The school district occupational therapist or physiotherapist contacts an agency (such as Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children) to provide assessment, equipment mounting parts, and/or installation.  The agency seeking reimbursement for the mounting system is required to FAX a complete quote detailing all “parts, labour and installation” costs to:

  • (604-261-2256) – Attention: Loan Bank

The SET-BC Loan Bank Manager will review the quote and, once approved, will send a confirmation letter to the agency authorizing it to invoice SET-BC for the approved amount.  Copies of the confirmation letter will also be sent to the school team, the SET-BC consultant, and the parent/guardian.

The school district occupational or physiotherapist is responsible for working with the agency to coordinate installation of the mounting system.

Due to SET-BC’s annual budget limitations and timelines, agencies should note the following:

  • ALL mounting quotes must be received by SET-BC no later than May 15th of that year.
  • Approved invoices must be submitted to SET-BC by June 15th for work performed that year.