Student viewing mounted AAC device

What is a mounting system?

An equipment mounting system is a part, or collection of parts fabricated or specifically manufactured to mount SET-BC loaned equipment. Mounting of equipment improves student usability by providing optimal positioning of the equipment on a wheelchair or workstation.

SET-BC can provide a single mount for use with SET-BC loaned equipment. Loans of commercially available and custom mounting systems should be coordinated with the school district occupational therapist or physiotherapist and the SET-BC educator(s) supporting the student. It is the district’s responsibility to inform the SET-BC educator(s) supporting the student that mounting is required and further information will be provided.


Mounting Request Procedure

School teams must coordinate mounting with the SET-BC educator(s) supporting the students and a qualified occupational therapist. SET-BC will no longer reimburse third party custom mounting. Districts wishing to seek third party mounting will need to cover the costs of such mounting.

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