The Provincial Software Acquisition Plan (PSAP) was created to give British Columbia school districts the opportunity to join the SET-BC provincial site licenses for software titles designed to help students with special needs improve their literacy, numeracy, and communication skills. As part of the SET-BC provincial software site licenses, BC school districts are able to acquire software at preferential prices.

SETBC software licenses are strictly for use within the BC K-12 school system and cannot be sold or transferred to parents or other agencies. Home use is allowed for many titles if the software is ordered for an individual student and is only used by that student.

What software is available for purchase through PSAP?

At this timsmiling kid on laptope, only certain software titles are available via the PSAP due to price point and licensing restrictions.

Also, see our Order Page for a list of the software titles and upgrade paths currently available through PSAP.

How can I order through PSAP?

Purchase of PSAP software licenses is limited to British Columbia schools and school districts. Please use the PSAP online order system on our Order Page for all PSAP software and upgrade purchases. Before ordering any PSAP software or software upgrade, please ensure your computer hardware meets the minimum system requirements for the software.

How do I access training and support for my PSAP software?

Girl with her tabletInformation about individual software is available in the PSAP titles list. However, there are many more options for training and support via our on demand resources to help you implement the software with your students:

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding PSAP?

SET-BC Program Manager/PSAP Administration
Phone: 604-269-2232

PSAP Orders
Phone: 604-261-9450 ext. 306