Alanna Wasylkiw

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Phone: 604-220-7137
Fax: 604-261-2256

About Me

My career in the field of education began after completing my B.Ed. in Elementary Education, Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta in 2009. Following my B.Ed. I taught at St. Martin Ukrainian Bilingual Elementary School in Edmonton, Alberta and then completed my Master of Education in the department of Educational Psychology, Technology in Education Specialization at the University of Alberta in 2014. I later moved to Toronto and worked at an EdTech start-up as an Academic Operations Manager. The start-up focused on an engaging and interactive e-Learning platform to teach English to students in China from grades one through nine. I also worked as an online tutor and was impressed with the e-learning platform which acted as a supplementary aid to the students’ in-class English learning. I am passionate about engaging and interactive education and the positive impact technology can have on a student’s learning, especially in the context of eLearning and instructional design.

My Interests

I am proud to be a new resident of British Columbia and can’t wait to explore all of the beautiful sights the province has to offer and looking forward to doing so in my new role at SET BC. I love to travel and have been lucky enough to have explored many places across North and South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Next on my list is China and Thailand! My other passion is baking and cooking, I like to experiment with recipes and make anything and everything from scratch. I hope to start a recipe blog soon to share my favourites!

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