Xeth’s Journey – Communication Problem Solver

Student Story
image of Xeth and his friend communicating

A year later, Xeth has gained significant independence using his Accent 1000 device and SurfacePro computer. He’s more confident as he can effectively interact with peers, complete schoolwork and meet the curricular goals at his grade level. Xeth is becoming more comfortable as a multimodal communicator who problem solves using technology. For instance, if he cannot recall a word, he finds it on the Unity 80 vocabulary page set to prompt himself.

Now, Xeth’s received a Rehadapt mount for his Accent 1000. The old music stand was adequate but a staff member had to set it up on his behalf. From putting it together, to adjusting the height, to moving it from room to room, it was not providing him with the independence we wanted.

The new mount, Rehadapt’s Monty 3D Plus HD is directly mounted to his power wheelchair and positioned for his needs. It’s a highly adjustable three tube solution connected by joints. The mount can be removed at the frame of the wheelchair or the most proximal joint within 10 seconds. Xeth uses the mount while seated and standing in his wheelchair. Now, he can navigate around his school and the community with everything available at his fingertips.

Xeth’s story is a great example of trial and error, persevering, and working together as a team to find the right solution. This process will continue as Xeth transitions into high school where he will encounter other challenges. His team will be there to support his independence, as they have been.