The Amazing Adventures of Ulysses

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Learning Level: Elementary School

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

This Clicker grid set is based on the book, "The Amazing Adventures of Ulysses" retold by Vivian Webb and Heather Amery ( Usborne Young Readers). The grid includes a summary of the story (read) and two writing activities. The first write is "questions’" about the characters. The second write, "with words" is a word bank with suggestions on how to write a paragraph. This activity supports the Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes for English Language Arts Grade 4 (Reading): -read and demonstrate comprehension of grade-appropriate literary texts (e.g., stories, legends, poems). -Use a variety of strategies during reading and viewing to develop understanding construct , monitor and confirm meaning: making connections; determining the importance of ideas / events.
Created by Irene Ennis.

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