Subtraction to 10: Show Work

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Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

Grade 1. In this project, students are provided with a subtraction equation to 10 in a textbox. They use draggable copy buttons to drag the first number in the equation (minuend) into the first counting bin. Then they drag from that bin the second number in the equation (subtrahend) to find out the difference which is left in the first bin. The student can then type their answer into the textbox. Each page is printable. Ths activity supports the BC Ministry of Education PLO for Grade 1 Literacy Foundations Mathematics/Number: apply mental mathematics strategies, such as: using doubles; making 10; one more, one less; two more, two less; addition for subtraction; to determine basic addition facts to 18 and related subtraction facts. Created by Kathy Ryan.

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