SD: Visual Thinking

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Learning Level: Elementary School

Learning Level: High School

Learning Level: Middle School

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

Grade 1 to grade 12: This activity provides students with "thought bubbles" that when clicked will open Clicker Paint so they can draw images as the teacher reads to them from a book. The teacher does not show the pictures from the book, but continues to read as the students draw images. The original idea for this comes from the book, "Student Diversity: Classroom strategies to meet the learning needs of all students," by Faye Brownlie, Catherine Feniak, Leyton Schnellert. This Clicker set is intended to support students who would benefit from technology to draw and write or record answers. This activity supports the key aspects of the new BC Ministry of Education ELA curriculum are increased emphasis on literature, including story (ways of knowing and sharing), and communication; emphasis on opportunities for students to engage in playful language activities; connect to literature in ways that are personally meaningful; and think creatively, reflectively, and critically. Created by Daphne Mercier

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