Learning Module
read&write toolbar onscreen

Texthelp’s Read&Write is a Universal Design for Learning software that provides literacy support for all learners. The simple and intuitive toolbar can run on various platforms such as Windows, Macs, Tablets (iPads and Androids), Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. Read and Write can work alongside either Google Suite or Office 365 depending on the product you are using.

  • All 6 platforms come with one subscription.
  • Read&Write is purchased as a yearly subscription and is attached to each user’s account. If a district or user does not have access to a subscription, Read&Write can be purchased per device.
  • Office 365 and Read&Write can be used within the Chrome browser. Microsoft districts achieve this by authenticating Read&Write with Office 365.

These modules will go over the features on the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar. Each module contains step-by step text tutorials with visuals, along with video demonstrations.

An important document to review prior to beginning: Introduction to Read&Write Toolbars for all Platforms

Thanks to SD#71 for partnering with us to develop this helpful resource!

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Installing Chrome

Module 3: Installing Read&Write

Module 4: Accessing the Toolbar

Module 5: Check It

Module 6: Word Prediction

Module 7: Text-to-Speech Options

Module 8: Dictionary and Picture Dictionary

Module 9: Audio Maker

Module 10: Web Search

Module 11: Screen Mask

Module 12: Talk&Type

Module 13: Translator

Module 14: Highlighters, Clear Highlights, and Collect Highlights

Module 15: Vocabulary List

Module 16: Voice Note

Module 17: Simplify

Module 18: Practice Reading Aloud

Module 19: OrbitNote

Module 20: Settings

Module 21: Help

Module 22: Texthelp