Plotting Coordinates II

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Learning Level: Elementary School

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Grade 6. In this gridset the student will graph coordinates. Each page contains a grid and a list of four ordered pairs of coordinates. Students click on the appropriate coordinate points. If they are incorrect, a pop-up splat appears – click on the splat. If they locate one of the 4 points, a pop-up grid appears with the four coordinates. If the student chooses the correct coordinates, the coordinate point will be placed on the grid. If they choose the incorrect one, they will be asked to "try again." This activity supports the BC Ministry of Education’s PLO for Mathematics Grade 6, Shape and Space: – identify and plot points in the first quadrant of a Cartesian plane using whole number ordered pairs
*Please note: this activity is a variation of the activity, "Plotting Coordinates" that can be found on – Adapted by Kathy Ryan

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