Napoleonic Era

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Learning Level: Middle School

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Grade 9: This project includes a variety of activities to learn about the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte. In the Learn activity, the student can read about the basic concepts. Picture supports are available by clicking on the symbols button to the right of the text. The Vocabulary activity provides a basic definition of some of the key vocabulary. The Matching Game provides a definition to be matched with a word/picture. This can be played either with cards face up, or down in concentration format. The Match activity provides a key vocabulary word to be matched to a picture by drawing lines. The Questions activity provides multiple choice questions (4 options). This can be set with or without feedback. Finally the Wordbank activity provides a bank of key words on the topic in order to independently write. This content supports the BC Ministry of Education’s PLOs for grade 9 Socials: Politics and Law: Europe and North America from 1500 to 1815
-analyze factors that contribute to revolution and conflict
-analyze the contributions of the English, French and American revolutions in the development of democratic concepts. Created by Kathy Ryan.

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