My Day Three Choices

Classroom Resource

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

A simple writing activity for a student who can choose from a selection of three items at a time similar to Kathy Ryan’s My Day Writing Activity. The student starts with "Today I did" and picks the activities she did that day. A print out of the finished document gives the student a way to review and talk about her day with her teacher, friends and family. Teams might modify the grids so that each selection sends a full sentence to the document. "Today I " could send the sentence "Here are the things I did today" to the document. And then, for example, selecting "calendar" would send the phrase " I did calendar today" to the document.
This supports the BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes for English Language Arts: Kindergarten: C1 – create simple messages using a combination of pictures, symbols, letters, and words to convey meaning.
Grade 1: C1 – create straightforward personal writing and representations that express simple ideas, feelings, likes, and dislikes.
Created by Daphne Hitchcock SD61.

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