Mounting Tips with David Joseph

Rehadapt mounting on a wheelchair

A mounting system is an assembly of parts that attach technology to a wheelchair. Mounting optimizes a student’s positioning to the technology, leading to effective equipment use and increased independence. Rehadapt, a European company, works with the SET-BC Loan Bank to provide component based mounting solutions.

In the following videos, we are joined by David Joseph, the owner of CS Mounting Systems, and the Canadian distributor for Rehadapt. David has 35 years of industry experience. Considerations for selection, assembly tips, and unique characteristics of Rehadapt mounts are discussed. There are two “Build & Learn” demonstrations utilizing a Zippy Iris wheelchair as a platform.

David discusses Rehadapt’s free Virtual Mounting System (VMS) service. Therapists may choose the VMS to Go app or use the web form to submit photos and basic information about the wheelchair and device. Within a few days, Rehadapt provides a custom mounting solution and list of required components with a quote. The visualized solution is superimposed onto the photos.