Matching Canadian Money

Clicker Version 8

Custom Set

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

This Clicker Grid Set is designed to enable students to practice picture-matching skills with Canadian Coins. There are choices of 3 different matching activities. In the first activity, each grid shows a target picture and then a choice of two other pictures from which to select a match. In the second activity, each grid shows the name of the denomination and students choose the correct image. In the third activity, students are given the value of the money and must select the correct image. In each activity click on the correct matching picture to randomly open another grid. This activity supports the BC Ministry of Education Learning Outcome for Literacy Foundations – Mathematics/Grade 1/Shape and Space – Measurement: identify, count, and create equivalent sets for coins and bills up to $100. Created by SET-BC.

Under BC’s new curriculum:
-Mathematics K: financial literacy – attributes of coins and financial role-play,
-Mathematics 1: financial literacy – values of coins and monetary exchange,
-Mathematics 3: financial literacy – fluency with coins and bills to 100 dollars.

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