Learn to Multiply from x2 to x9

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Learning Level: Elementary School

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

Grade 3, grade 4. In this Boardmaker Studio project, the student can explore using duplicating number blocks (2-9) and a counting bin to explore multiplication equations from x2 to x9. The equation could be written by one person and another person could show the equation with the blocks. This is a single page project that can be reset to create a variety of equations and can be printed if desired. This project is ideally suited for work on a Smartboard.
This project supports the BC Ministry of Education Math Prescribed Learning Outcome for:
Grade 3: Number A11: A11 demonstrate an understanding of multiplication to 5 x 5
Grade 4: Number: A5: describe and apply mental mathematics strategies to determine basic multiplication facts to 9 x 9. Created by Kathy Ryan.

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