I Have Something to Say Sample

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Learning Level: Elementary School

Learning Level: Middle School

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

This a set of boards designed for a communication user to scan with a communication partner. The boards 1 through 10 with their additional pages are designed to be printed, cut & laminated, and assembled into a booklet with rings ( cut on the dashed lines). Communication topics include: Quick Word, I Want, Something’s Wrong, I Think, It’s time to, About Home. This sample was created for a student who wears a bracelet with the words "I Have Something to Say", when she has something to say she points to her bracelet then student and communication partner use the booklet. These boards are meant to to provide efficient message selection through organization and numbered tabs. This sample set can be customized for your student. The boardmaker pages are included as well as images of the booklet to assist with assembly. Created by Ms.A. Bardsley and Ms. Glover at Harbourview Elementary.

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