Human Body: Respiratory System

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Grades K-7: This Boardmaker Studio project combines 3 types of activities: 1. Vocabulary Flashcards at 3 levels; 8 words, 20 words and 20 words with definitions. The student can learn the human body respiratory system vocabulary. 2. Label the Digestive System 3. Check Understanding with multiple choice questions. This project supports the BC Ministry of Education Learning Outcome for Literacy Foundations – Science K-7/Systems: identify the main components of human organ systems (e.g., respiratory, circulatory, digestive, excretory). The flashcard words are: mouth, muscle, breathe, carbon dioxide, cells, exhale, expand, chest, windpipe, throat, rib cage, inhale, respiratory system, diaphram, lungs, trachea, water, nutrients, nose. Inspired by Dawn Trozzo and created by SET-BC.

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