History of Engines and the Automobile

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Learning Level: High School

About this Resource

Grade 11: This project includes a variety of activities to learn about the history of engines and the automobile. In the Learn activity the student can read a book about the inventors and their inventions Picture supports are available by clicking on the symbols button to the right of the text. The Flashcard activity provides an opportunity to practise naming inventions when presented with the inventor’s name. The Questions activity provides multiple choice questions (3 options). This can be set with or without feedback. Finally the Write activity provides a bank of key words on the topic in order to independently write. This project supports the BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Grade 11 Automotive Technology: Self and Society: describe the historical and potential future impact of energy, power, and transportation systems on society and the environment. Created by Andrea Demerais from Mount Boucherie Secondary.

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