Friendship Journal

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Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

This sentence set supports students’ understanding of concepts around friendship. Before students begin the activity, the teacher can begin with a story about friendship (Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, Enemy Pie). Next, the class can brainstorm together words that describe what a good friend might look like. Teacher may ask students for specific examples of what a friend might do and not do. Using Clicker Sentences, students can either work individually or in pairs to create a journal of a time when they were being a good friend. Primary grades 1 & 2. Content reference from the new curriculum: 1. Begin to use sources of information and prior knowledge to make meaning, 2. Use personal experience and knowledge to connect to text and make meaning, and 3. Begin to recognize basic structures and organization of text. Curricular competency (facet): Building relationships. Can be paired with lessons Friendship Adjectives and Friendships are Not.

Created by Melissa Campbell.

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