Eye Gaze Technology

Learning Module
student using eye gaze

This resource aims to provide:

  • Overview of eye gaze technology
  • Eye gaze learning curve
  • Student and team considerations
  • Positioning and setup
  • Devices and technology tutorials
  • Conducting eye gaze trials
  • Tips and tricks

Eye Gaze Considerations

There is a learning curve to eye gaze as an assistive technology solution. Both student and team factors need to be considered in choosing eye gaze.

Positioning and Setup

In this section, we focus on how to set up and position an eye gaze system, so that optimal access can be achieved.

Effective Trials

This section details the steps involved for a district specialist in completing an effective eye gaze trial. Completing effective trials will enhance student and team success, in meeting goals.

Devices and Technology Tutorials

In this section, we detail some of the eye gaze devices supported by SET-BC. Comprehensive video and written tutorials are provided, detailing how to use the devices.