Executive Functioning Module 3: Metacognition Strategies

Classroom Resource

Learning Level: Elementary School

Learning Level: Middle School

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

These resources created by School District 71 – in Boardmaker, PDF and Word formats – were designed to support metacognition strategies.  By creating profiles of themselves, students  are encouraged to develop self-awareness and think about how they process thoughts and feelings, so that they may identify their own learning needs.

01. Kindergarten Student Profile   

02. Student Profile 

03. Who Am I Profile  

04. Student Profile with Symbols  (From It’s All About Thinking: Collaborating to Support All Learners in Math and Science, by F. Brownlie, C. Fullerton, and L. Schnellert, 2015, Winnipeg, MB : Portage & Main Press.  Reprinted with permission.)

05. Student-Made Student Profile 

06. Strength-Based Student Profile  (From blogsomemoore : Teaching and Empowering ALL Students by S. Moore, 2017, https://blogsomemoore.com/shout-outs/templates/. Reprinted with permission.)

07. Class Competency Profile

Resource Files

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