Division with Dividends to 10

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Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

Grade 3: In this project, the student can practise basic division skills with dividends to 10. In the Flashcards activity, the student can practise facts as they are presented by calling out the answer. The correct answer is revealed when the flashcard is selected. In the Multiple Choice activity, the student is presented with an equation with 4 possible answers. This activity has initially been set in non quiz mode so the student will be provided with immediate feedback on accuracy with an additional opportunity to solve the problem. This activity can be placed into quiz mode by right clicking on the title of the project in the Project pane on the left and selecting Edit Shared Variable. Select line 1 UseQuizMode and change the Initial Value to YES. Feedback will not be provided until the end of the quiz when a summary of performance is provided. This project supports the BC Ministry of Education’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Grade 3 Math: A12 demonstrate an understanding of division by:
representing and explaining division using equal sharing and equal grouping;
creating and solving problems in context that involve equal sharing and equal grouping;
modelling equal sharing and equal grouping using concrete and visual representations; and
recording the process symbolically. Created by Kathy Ryan.

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