Core Competencies Self-Reflection Word Grid Templates

Classroom Resource

Learning Level: Elementary School

Learning Level: Middle School

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

These customized Clicker Docs grids, which can be used in either Clicker 7 or in the Clicker Docs iPad app, can support students when writing their reflections/self assessments on how they have grasped the core competencies that pertain to their learning level.  There is a template for primary students, and another for intermediate students..

This is intended as a starting point for teachers to begin using Clicker Docs in the classroom. Teachers may choose to use it as is or adapt it to suit their individual class and student needs. Clicker Docs is a versatile word processing tool that can support any writing activity once teachers and students become familiar with the supports found within the app.

Created by Monica Lee, SET-BC.

Also provided are samples of resulting Clicker Document files (.cdoc) created by Monica Lee of SET-BC using these Clicker Docs templates.

(Please note that direct download of Clicker app files from the Internet to iPads is not currently possible. To open these files in Clicker apps on an iPad, one must use Mail, AirDrop or Crick-approved cloud file hosting services such as DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. For instructions on how to enable file sharing through these services please see Crick’s tutorial here.)

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