Changing a Tire

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Learning Level: High School

About this Resource

Grade 11: In this project the student will learn how to change a tire. In the Learn activity, the student is provided with the steps to change a tire in a story format. Picture supports are available by clicking on the symbols button to the right of the text. The Vocabulary activity provides a picture in a flashcard format and the student can guess the word. The answer can be checked by clicking on the card which reveals the answer. The Match activity provides a word to be matched with a picture in a game format. The Questions activity provides multiple choice questions (4 options). Finally the Write activity provides a bank of key words on the topic in order to independently write. This project supports the BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Grade 11 Automotive Technology: Body and Chassis: describe possible methods of tire repair.Created by Andrea Demerais from Mount Boucherie Secondary.

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