Brooke Has the Touch When it Comes to Learning

Student Story
Brooke uses her large screen

Brooke is a bright 9 year old girl in grade 3 who enjoys school and being with her peers. She is enjoying a lot of success in the classroom this year and some of that is due to the new technology that she received early in the school year. The large touch screen computer and CCTV has helped make her learning more accessible and motivating.

The large touch screen computer allows Brooke to participate in many activities. With the larger monitor Brooke can more easily see what is on the screen. She finds it much easier using her finger, rather than a mouse, to select items on the computer. With the CCTV attached to the computer she can see the teacher’s interactive SmartBoard which she uses a great deal of time in her teaching practice.

With the use of Clicker 6 on the computer, Brooke is able to develop her literacy skills while having a lot of fun! Her team has created many different reading activities using photos that are important to Brooke. This allows Brooke to become very engaged in her learning. It is personal and has meaning for her. Her support team has also really noticed how independent Brooke can be while using her technology. She is able to maneuver through many applications with minimal support. This is important for Brooke as she gets older.

Brooke’s classmates are so intrigued by the technology! She is able to interact with her classmates while showing off her new system. She is able to teach others how to play games and listen to stories. This is helping to create an inclusive environment in the classroom for Brooke.

This is only the beginning of what Brooke will be able to accomplish. As the team learns more about the technology, the opportunities for growth are endless. Brooke will continue to succeed and show off her many capabilities as she progresses through her school program.