Basic Organs of the Human Body

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Learning Level: Elementary School

About this Resource

Grade 5. This project has several activities: students learn about the basic organs, explore the names of the basic internal organs of the human body, learn the vocabulary, label the organs, match the organ picture to its name, and write using a word bank and word prediction.. The source of much of the content of this set of gridsets is:
This activity supports the BC Ministry of Education Learning Outcome for Grade 5 Life Science (Human Body):
-describe the basic structure of the human respiratory, digestive, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. Created by Kathy Ryan.
Under BC’s new curriculum:
Science 5: basic structures and functions of body systems: digestive, musculo-skeletal, respiratory, circulatory. Science 6: basic structures and functions of body systems: excretory, reproductive, hormonal, nervous

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