Balanced Literacy B Book

Classroom Resource

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

This is a forced order sentence writing activity to support Balanced Literacy Unit 1. Students create sentences using forced order and also choose from a list of 5 choices. This activity supports the BC Ministry of Education prescribed learning outcomes for: English Language Arts Kindergarten: – create simple messages using a combination of pictures, symbols, letters, and words to convey meaning
English Language Arts Grade 1: – create straightforward informational writing and representations, using prompts to elicit ideas and knowledge, featuring sentence fluency by using simple sentences, patterns, labels, and captions – word choice by beginning to use content-specific vocabulary and some detail
English Language Arts Grade 2: – use strategies after writing and representing to improve their work, including revising to enhance a writing trait (e.g., ideas, sentence fluency, word choice, voice, organization) – editing for conventions (e.g., capitals, punctuation, spelling). Created by SET-BC

Resource Files

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