Ancient Rome

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Learning Level: Middle School

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Grade 7, grade 8. In this grid set, the student will learn and write about the daily lives of people in Ancient Rome and the accomplishments of the Roman Empire. Included here is a topic word bank for Clicker 6.
Daily life topics covered are: clothing, food, homes, the Forum and writing.
Accomplishments of the Roman Empire include: census, transportation, aqueducts and stadiums and concrete.
" Read " activities allow students to learn new vocabulary.
" Write " activities allow students to create short sentences with new vocabulary. This activity is designed to support the Provincial Learning Outcomes for Grade 7 Social Studies:
– Identity, Society, and Culture- analyse social roles within one or more ancient civilizations
– Identity, Society, and Culture- -identify influences and contributions of ancient societies to present-day cultures
Grade 8 Social Studies:
– Identity, Society, and Culture – identify factors that influence the development and decline of world civilizations
– Identity, Society, and Culture -identify periods of significant cultural achievement
Created by Kathy Ryan.

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