AAC Dice Roll Game

Classroom Resource

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

A game for students to take turns "rolling the dice" and then calculating the correct sums of the dice. These PDF’s are meant to be printed out and laminated and then cut accordingly. The first page is the playing board. The next page includes some common phrases used in game play that can be hole punched and put on a ring for easy use. The pages also include all of the possible dice rolls to be drawn from, and then the two individual die’s and sums from 1-12. These can be velcroed so that the child can attach them to the playing board as they count to match the dice in the roll. Created by Jessy To and Victoria Doolaar, SET-BC.

Resource Files

Please Note: These files can only be downloaded on desktop. Visit the SET-BC website on a desktop computer to access them.