smiling boy using laptopThe Provincial Software Acquisition Plan (PSAP) was created to give British Columbia school districts the opportunity to join the SET-BC provincial site licenses for software titles designed to help students with special needs improve their literacy, numeracy, and communication skills. As part of the SET-BC provincial software site licenses, BC school districts were able to acquire software at preferential prices.

SET-BC software licenses obtained through PSAP are strictly for use within the BC K-12 school system and cannot be sold or transferred to parents or other agencies. Home use is allowed for many titles if the software is ordered for an individual student and is only used by that student.

On June 30th, 2018 after being a SET-BC project for more than a decade, PSAP “closed its doors”. In recent years, with the decline in actual software and the rise of iOS apps and software cloud subscriptions, it is no longer necessary for school districts to acquire software support through PSAP.

Girl and teacher using her tabletAll software licenses provided through PSAP will remain on long term loan to the school district that purchased them. We hope they will continue to provide literacy support for your students!

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding PSAP?

SET-BC Program Manager/PSAP Administration
Phone: 604-269-2232