Diagram of three-tiered service model

SET-BC is a Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program established to assist school districts in educating students who require or would benefit from using technology to access the curriculum.


  • Collaborates with BC school district teams to provide professional development opportunities focused on the use of technology to support diverse learners in the classroom
  • Assists school districts in training district and school teams on specific technologies used to support their students’ access to educational programs
  • Lends assistive technologies (participation, communication and learning tools) to BC school districts to support their student’ access to educational programs.

SET-BC services to school districts include these components: 

  • Consultation and collaboration
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Student and Classroom Resources
  • Technology Loans

SET-BC allocates services to school districts based on:

  • Annual budget and staffing levels
  • Annual Districts’ Request for Service

SET-BC services are provided in collaboration and partnership with BritishColumbia school districts.

  • District Partners play a key role in coordinating SET-BC services in their districts. School team members who have any questions about the SET-BC process should contact their District Partner for information and support.

Service Delivery Background

For almost 26 years, Special Education Technology – British Columbia (SET-BC) has worked in partnership with BC school districts and independent schools to support their K-12 students’ access to the curriculum through the use of communication, access and learning technologies. As the BC Ministry of Education moves forward with its plan to create a more flexible and personalized education system for all students, we are ensuring our program’s services remain relevant and effective for school districts, their teams, and their students. ​ The document below provides background information on our current service delivery model.



Paralleling the Response to Intervention (RTI) initiatives currently happening across the province, the SET-BC service delivery model provides services across three tiers.​ Tier 1 services are designed to help districts provide Professional Development opportunities on how technology can be used to support diverse student needs in the classroom. Tier 2 services are designed to help districts provide technology specific training and classroom-based technology solutions. Tier 3 services are designed to help school teams supporting students with challenging and complex needs. This overview document provides a general description of the services in all three tiers, a flow chart of the actual service delivery process during the school year, and a detailed protocol of each component of our three-tiered service delivery model.


Tier 1 Services

SET-BC Tier 1 services are designed to help districts provide Professional Development opportunities on how technology can be used to support diverse student needs in the classroom. ​ This document provides a more detailed description of Tier 1 services and offers some suggested topics for professional development type topics and activities.


Tier 2 Services

Tier 2 services are designed to help districts in two ways: by providing technology specific training and by loaning and supporting classroom-based technology solutions. Tier 2 training services target those technologies currently available in the district, regardless of source, that are being underutilized. Tier 2 training activities differ from Tier 1 Professional Development activities as Tier 2 training is designed to teach participants how to use specific pieces of hardware and software. Tier 2 classroom-based solutions offer classroom teachers the opportunity to implement specific technologies to support diverse learning needs by providing consultation, training, implementation support and hardware and/or software loans. Each year, school districts will identify the specific classrooms that will receive Tier 2 classroom-based solution services.


Tier 3 Services

Tier 3 student-based solutions are intended to build the capacity of some school teams and district itinerant staff to use specific technologies successfully in the classroom to support complex student needs. ​Tier 3 services could include SET-BC consultant consultation, technology solution planning, coordination of device trials, student-based technology loans, training, implementation follow up and technical support. Tier 3 services also include district specialist support and training. This document provides a more detailed description of Tier 3 services with examples of the types of students for whom teams might consider requesting services.