Student with a big smile using laptop


To assist BC School Districts and Group I and II Independent Schools build their capacity to use technology to support the diverse needs of their K-12 students.


SET-BC is a BC Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program established to assist school districts in utilizing technology with students whose access to the curriculum is restricted. SET-BC provides school districts with three tiers of services:

  • High school student showing adult work on iPadTier 1 – Professional Learning – Our consultants facilitate Professional Development activities which help build BC educators’ understanding of how technology can be used within current educational frameworks.
  • Tier 2 – Technology Training and Classroom-based Solutions – We provide training on specific technologies which help BC educators support their students’ access to the curriculum. We also lend technologies appropriate for the classroom setting which support a range of student learning needs.
  • Tier 3 – Complex Needs Training and Student-based Solutions – We provide consultation and training on the use of complex technologies (communication, vision, physical access tools) and lend these technologies to districts for use with students who have complex needs.

Three young students sitting around table using communication devicesWe believe that all students have unique needs and that diversity should be embraced and celebrated.

We believe that all students have a place in today’s classroom and that meaningful inclusion of every student in the classroom community is achievable.

We believe that technology, when carefully selected and thoughtfully implemented, can be an effective tool in supporting meaningful inclusion and improved student outcomes.