iPad / iOS App Loan Policy

Young student uses LAMP app on iPad while two other students watchSET-BC loans iPads and apps to BC school districts or independent schools for use with students to help them access their educational programs. The loan of iPads and apps for student use follows all current SET-BC technology loan policies.

However, there are also some additional considerations regarding SET-BC iPad and iOS app loans. All school teams requesting or receiving iPad loans from SET-BC are directed to refer to the important information contained here:

This document contains information regarding the management of iTunes accounts, how to redeem iOS app gift codes, and acceptable use of iPads on loan from SET-BC.  If teams have any questions about iPad or iOS app loans, they are asked to contact us at loanbank@setbc.org.

List of iOS Apps Currently Loaned and Supported

Student looking up while using iPadWhile there are over 1.6 million iOS apps currently available for use on the iPad, SET-BC focuses on providing and supporting a few apps that support specific student needs and have proven to be reliable in the classroom setting.  The specific apps that will be provided with an iPad loan is determined during the Collaborative Action Plan (CAP) process.  We  currently provide the following apps: