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SET-BC is a BC Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program established to assist BC school districts and Group I and II Independent Schools in educating students who require or would benefit from using technology to access their educational programs. SET-BC services to school districts include consultation and collaboration; Professional Development and training; classroom and student resources; and technology loans. SET-BC:

  • collaborates with district teams to provide professional development activities focused on the use of technology to support diverse learners in the classroom
  • assists school districts in training district and school teams on specific technologies used to support their students’ access to educational programs
  • lends technologies (participation, communication, and learning tools) to school districts to support their students’ access to their curriculum

We allocate services to school districts based on annual Districts’ Requests for Service and our annual budget and staffing levels.

The complete SET-BC Service Delivery 2018 – 2019 Guide is available for download.




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Overview of Services

SET-BC collaborates with BC school districts to provide three tiers of services. These services help educators understand how technology can be used within current educational frameworks, teach educators how to use specific technology solutions, and provide classroom-based and individual student-based technology loans.

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District Request for Services

BC school districts access SET-BC services through the annual District Request for Service process. This process allows district teams to submit requests for services in all three tiers for the upcoming school year. Prior to the District Request for Service meeting and according to their annual allocation, district teams identify the Tier 2 classrooms and Tier 3 students for which they are requesting service.

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Independent Schools

SET-BC services to Independent Schools are coordinated through the Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA). All three tiers of SET-BC services are available to Group I and II Independent Schools. Independent school teams can submit classroom-based and student-based requests for SET-BC support by submitting the SET-BC service application available through FISA.

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Equipment Mounting Information

SET-BC collaborates with outside agencies and school districts to provide support for one equipment mounting system for SET-BC loaned technology during the Tier 3 service year. The amount of support available each year is determined by SET-BC’s annual budget so district teams are encouraged to coordinate mounting requests as early as possible in the school year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered in each of the three tiers? What is the SET-BC Provincial Review? What happens to technology that has been on loan from SET-BC at the end of the school year? When is the District Request for Service submitted each year? Answers to commonly asked questions about SET-BC’s service delivery model.

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Need Help?

The SET-BC provincial team coordinates service delivery across the province and is available to answer any questions teams may have about SET-BC services and our service delivery model. The team can be contacted many ways – choose a method that works for you!